Eye Makeup Stencils

Eye makeup is the first place that women take care. Everyone have made wish that hold breath to draw eyeliner succesfully in time. Almost like a totem showing good day would pass. Oh, my hands are not trembling, not messing there just then i am still painting all my face. I saw some improvements about making perfect eye makeup which is interesting and practical solutions have at this moment. The art of drawing eyeliner is hard to people till they get used to their eye structure. Now, thanks to practical methods it seems easy to create your appearence like “make-up artist’s made it”


Finding comfortable eye makeup stencil sells everywhere. I got to try one. Especially the new make-up beginner loves theese kit. I draw flawless eyeliner at once within 1 minutes. It is not relate having much experience drawing, this is another skill to be getting used to it even for those who don’t need kit. I’m sure new starters will make it habit as soon as possible.

I bought catliner brand. Each box has two pieces of kit. Does not stick to the eye. You can clean. Have long medium or tiny tail options that you want. Easy to use.


Called as eyeliner Kit and eyeshadow. The first kit -Cat Eye Stencil- has topliner, cat eye that help to finish the drawing in four ways, lengths differ from each other in one of four ways. For eyeliner, you can be pulled easily by fixing kit with the help of middle and sign finger to your eye.

Kit gaps should be filled by painting with a pen or brush through in front of a mirror.


The second template is Eye Shadow, dipliner and eyebrow are specifically designed which has available section to make accurate drawings. Usage is that you should put kit where equivalent to your eyehole then you should be applied eyeshadow to eyelid with help of shadow brush.

On behalf of not leaving it to luck, it is practical mathod that can be applied in a short. The price is appropriate, so try it. The result is satisfactory, maybe you will be passionate about. Check out the bag you may use one day.