Natural Tonic Rice Juice

Luxury is at hand all the time instead of skin masks, to reach deals with easy maintenance. Now I think I can say that now the brands.

During a conversation I have very valuable maintenance recipe. I was flabbergasted. Rejimdeyken I, now starved of water with butter and atmayayım bari mosque.

Rice Broth with homemade natural tonic major substantial benefits as its competitors makes it unique. Asian women are discovered and they use even in long hair care.

Whiten skin, protects against the Sun, gives shine,

Shrinks the pores. To get rid of skin bacteria.

Rice juice gives shine to the skin, eliminates stains,

Prevents the formation of pimples and blackheads.

Tightens the skin and healthy look.

My your factory to be easy to remedy, with epigraphs also satisfying. The only thing to watch out for is will be stored in the refrigerator should be consumed is required within 2 days easy, even bacteria.

Home rice juice tonic recipe

in a clean Bowl 1) 5 put a teaspoon of uncooked rice and 1.5 cups of water.
2 stir the water with your fingers).
3) Water will become slowly Nebula. The stuff in the Bowl water drain or another bowl clean fısfıslı you can also empty the bottle.
4) Rice water to wash a few times in the face by hitting it or fıslatın. Kurulamayın for brighter skin, allow to dry.