I’ve studied bag usage.

I looked in my bag for a long time in front of the mirror. “Mind was this bag?”. I said to myself, there are certain information about the use of the bag. But there’s no writing.  I have searched the bag styles and forms of useful. And how they use the most in my eye multiplier bag models.
I’m going to start;

      1.       Small chain strap bags.

Classic style become the symbol of this bag is being used with an open top, especially shoulder. Strapless mini dress or blouse with white powder. The goal is to provide the stand out of the chain.

      2.       Folding leather purses

Shabby jackets with this bag of used or saw plenty of blouses. In addition, people with large upper body also prefer this model.

      3.       Short handle in the form of hand bags large bags/envelopes

These two different models I know. But they serve the same purpose. Get your daily dress short shorts mini skirts will be your preferences such as this style bags are preferred.  Used in low-cut outfit.

      4.       Bags for handbags

As the model is moving in front we’re trying to beat.  The model’s structure is simple displaying moving be özen
5.       Small long handle bags
Hips at the level runs out. If you want to create the elegant look of the log, but those outfits. Fits all kinds of clothes. The most commonly used ending with narrow wrist six crinoline pants as I observe. Can be used freely as a cross.

      6.       Medium long handle bags

The fitting is preferred to add sports air. In your pants when you wear tight pants, skirts or shorts sports you can be stylish. I haven’t seen too much cross-bearing this model.

      7.       Clutch bag

Is the bag full invitation. Evening dress dress seems to be complementary.

      8.       Backpack

General use bag should not exceed the alignment of the endpoint of the hips. It’s used with plenty of thick Cardigan, shawl. In addition, small patterned shorts with flying saw plenty of dresses are used.