Basta also cram

On the European side to the Asian side, as one past life as except for certain icons in Kadikoy linesthat I will get lost in a place I'm sure.  Will be curious or nosy be you know I will update. Curious, I'm lucky I've known.

Davis, in an atmosphere of pleasure a different thing.

"Last I saw the program, Vedat Milör ballan VIC ballan VIC. I came I jumped, "he said. Of course I also drop. Diet for a couple of hours is paused. View Street delights me. Flavours still to think, I can't wait. For those who want to taste good food less good quality. Close to the famous Rexx cinema at least I'm keeping that in mind. 😉

Hummus and PITA is a complete front-to-base duo. Love came to me I had beautiful stitched his wound lavaşa tahini, so I suggest to those who don't like the olive oil. 🙂

In the shabby streets be so accustomed that when it comes to a neat thing I truncated attention. Presentation looks practical and attentive.

Main course we had the Lamb skewer rolls too. Vedat Milör omoba from. I can't tell you how delicious brought ourselves. Also I saw hearty, to try the burger served.

Around that everyone was satisfied with the many camper. I have all the delicious bulmamışım. Sitting up, well, not hard. Ready to eat when we find already and were buried for dessert.

"Let's get the next 3 services please!," I found myself.

Introducing the "Brest" pralinli wheel adds named dessert. As far as I know adds 1 box dark chocolate coated white inside cream adds, I'm not surprised at the sight of huge monolithic plate because it is not. Tadınca I first thought. box full of Paris Brest. Yes, diet is going hard. haha

Vedat Milör Sütlaçla closure of had famous Basta. Basta rice pudding, caramel and nuts this sweet named all grown up. Unusual dessert. Praline rice pudding. It's an interesting comment. But I get to my mom's or my rice pudding and strange delicious seven out there I think.

Eat it and Get a nice menu crafted in the style of. Everything tastes guaranteed to beat. Concept, decor I liked them all. Weekdays at noon, though there's no place to go.