Daily Burgazada

To get away from Istanbul, without traffic a bit to stay calm, listen to yourself, who enjoy good time. Consists of weather is nice enough and chock-full of social media sea while you just drink when you shoot. That's cute as resembling the island of Burgazada need for fishing villages can alleviate.

I went for the first time recently. Most say it's the best all of burgazada. Most enjoyable I have a really calm, soothing atmosphere of the island. I went and stayed in my palate the taste of the day. According to other islands in the sea of clean, they said.

When you get to the top the view, enter a place that you always trampled on. Kalpazankaya Restaurant Alvarez. Prices as the flavor and portion mobile in really set fire to a satisfying place.

To assess the time of day you're going, a little running around after tea and dessert break started downhill to give in. On the way I saw the horse. It was so cute. Yes, here too there's the Phaeton, but less.

The most populated, let's stop at the bakery. If it's crowded, there is an event. Emmanuel Student, geranium pots with regard to say chocolate sauce cream ibiza between roll and ate a dessert. The powder green pistachio powder and the other is, of course, my favorite Strawberry cookie biscuit-eti burçak puff pastry was very curious and I had to try, everyone but well here. Nice try, but the arm spring rolls with minced meat maybe another time …

We will see each other again, Burgazada