Pare Baklava Bar: have a quick one?

Should be golden yellow,  must shine like the sun; peanut and butter should be good quality  , the smells should seduce you, filo pastry should be thin, while you are eating it should whisper in your ear; should be warm, all the flavors should come out  ; disperse your mouth, can’t forget its taste! Does it make a sense? Yes, I’m talking about  flavor that people who go off their regular diet. BAKLAVA.


Recently UNESCO, has added baklava on their list as a world heritage Also it shows that we have a gusto on gastronomy.  if you desire a baklava you go any place which sells baklava and say “Hey, put 2.20 lbs squares.” According to his taste and enjoy at home. Does he lose weight. Yes, it’s so easy.


I enjoy eating dessert a little, and there were some moments more than i remember that i couldn’t stop eating until dessert finished, so i prefer not to receive home. Because I am one of seeing bottom of the dessert. So, I only see lots of baklava tray at home when it is special day or bairam. As almost nowhere that elegant place such throw one piece of baklava as a taking the edge off one’s desires, then go on my way.

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It shows that I am not alone thinking this idea. They called Pare Baklava Bar. When I went to the shop in the back alley of Nişantaşı, I said that this place claims about their interior decoration. Why?  Usually we are interested in taste of the food more than presentation if its local food, If taste is okay for us, presentation is not that much important.  It is new trend to keep presentation and taste both together. This place is exactly applied at least it made me feeling like that. Using rolling pin on the walls,  coppers look very modern. Involving ladle in the decoration. There is a bar in it and it suits -“have a quick baklava?”- motto. Baklava bar concept seems like you have meeting and before that want to have a snack to help your brain to make a right decision at the meeting. Place looking has a unusual, pleasant view. Service was good, if you sit a while even you can see celebrity. It has a fan. I like this place concept also has a package service.

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Well, How to eat baklava? Grab baklava, reverse it, the opposite way comes up to your palate and you should eat one time.


Products are all made in Gaziantep. There are almost 9 kind of baklava. I wanted to taste everything when i was ordering. I decided to go a few times, and I found the opportunity to try other products. Must try Carrot sliced baklava, kahke, katmer and complimentaries which stand near the cash point. Of course there is also breakfast, the famous Gaziantep drinks. Not only sell baklava also they serves these. If you are not interested in dessert you may go in the morning and try Gaziantep breakfast.

Pare Baklava has a newly opened branch which is located in Zorlu Mall inside of the Eataly. It seems a small stand but it attracts you visually. Baklava looks very appetizing which is demonstrating in the window. When I was looking for a stylish confectioner or  host someone who have never tasted  baklava before, I would be in Pare.