Homemade Vinegar Recipe

While looking at the pictures I saw sirkemi. I wanted to share it because how I jumped into AA wailed. Vinegar making up my mind pretty much at home due to the presence of the Apple. When I say very at home there's Apple; I always tell people to mix for dessert this time didn't come very attractive. Marvel! Full of healthy life look more power and brutality? moments I took your book recipes Canan Karatay. And vinegar recipe I've seen plenty of crunchy Apple should. Vinegar has started macerama. Easy-to-do material was just perfect for me. Buy my apples I wanted to save. And we're almost out of vinegar at home.

Everyone has different recipes of vinegar at home I'm doing more. Here's how you start it goes they say I liked this recipe I just finished the second fermentation of vinegar. The organic, practical and easy to just have to wait.


3 kg firm and juicy village diamond-Amasya diamond-

3-4 tbsp natural honey

Glass Jar

Cooking instructions

Wash and thoroughly dry the apples. Remove the juice by squeezing with a juicer. Apple juice in a glass jar (the jar at the top of the aisle until bleed) stir in the honey and mix well.

Then retrieve the jar's mouth on the cheesecloth to cover a cloth air edges connect (flies, dust to also). If you have a solar field in the window the window or put a warm and dimly lit environment.

the first few weeks 2-3 a jar a day, stir with a wooden spoon and again opened his mouth piece off.

4-6 week long past the vinegar on top of jellyfish-shaped yeast and bacteria from the mouth of the jar sides of what we call vinegar little maggots. This is a sign of the start of the fermentation, vinegar.

Vinegar from a clean cheesecloth filter cloth 8-10 weeks.

Empty bottles and bottles you've filtered your mouth to get air, closing tightly, keep in a cool place.


  • Normally, the fast fermented vinegar against bala says to Canan Karatay. Or wait longer than necessary. For those who say if I use honey Apple juice can be applied to the same transactions with 6-7 months later alone can consume.
  • A harsh vinegar. After the circus 1-2 cup water, then wait another week, you've filtered by adding 2-3 şişelen.
  • Never use plastic container.
  • Juicer others, chop apples coarsely cube after inserting into the jar will cover the amount of water and 1-2 tablespoons honey can be done also by adding apple cider vinegar.

** This recipe was taken from the book of Karatay Cuisine Canan is Karatay.