Mascarpone Cream Black Forest Cake

I made a birthday cake. I'm a little busy at the time, a little bit too easy I intend to make a nice surprise on the run. Of course I got caught on the job in the kitchen until I break my enthusiasm. Last continuing. As a result, some cost-we ate the cake to enjoy huge:)-but mascarpone. 8-10 cozy out I think thin slices.

I'm in the forest fruit these days. Exotic and appetizing. When I was little, though probably wouldn't look you in the face, palate has changed, I guess. Normally, the image looks more heavy cake, Black Forest-"don't hurt me"-love that shabby house made, then you can break easily. 🙂

I imagined the white cream, cocoa in practice. Next time I'm going to do to the accompaniment of white mascarpone chocolate cake kremalıya image more vivid. It's what I need more intimate.

Normally I do it myself the cake but I had to do it fast. For the cake, dr. Oetker Dave chocolate cake I. It's called cloud cake, too. Big and high that I wanted to make a cake and when I get a taste of the seven pufuduk 1 slice kesilmeyeyim. 😉 XL was the cake.


For the cake;

1 package Dr. Oetker Dave Chocolate
3 eggs (medium size)
1/2 cups milk
100 g soft margarine

For the butter cream;

500 gr. Mascarpone cheese
4 tablespoons cocoa
4 tablespoons powdered sugar
2 cups whipped cream

For garnishing;


Cake Preparation;

In addition to the powder mixture over the 3 eggs, half a cup of milk and 100 g margarine is added, beat at high speed for 3 minutes, then pour into a greased Cake Pan handcuffed. Let it sit in the oven 45 minutes. Let cool on the wire.

Cream Preparation;

In a bowl mix mascarpone cheese, confectioner's sugar and cocoa mix with. Fluff and cream cheese in a separate bowl add the mixture and beat well.

Decoration Construction;

Cake cut in half. We also have I alienated. Ahududuyu from the first floor to I spent cream in blender before I spread. cake has raspberry flavour. Then I drove was a little difficult for a lot of cream treat-and-blackberries and blueberries I overwrite a lot of cream, crisp to give a kinder bueno put-do better croquant-then put the other times I've covered every place of cream. Placing on a flat and evenly important.

The fungus chocolate currant-bind onto brand-the remaining berries, blueberries as I decorate my heart with.

After each cream in the fridge 10-15 minutes. Put the plate presentation by reversing the cake layers.

If you're going to eat the same day 4-hour waiting in the fridge for a day, of course, must wait for advice that is more heavy and viscous.

As if it were Pastahaneden;)